Send video and power with one cable
  • Premade RG59 video power cable
  • 95% shielded heavy duty cable
  • BNC male video connectors on both ends
  • DC power jack (female) connector on one end
  • DC power plug (male) connector on one end

Video Power Cable - RG59, BNC

SKU: RG59S65
  • Length (ft) 65
    Product Color Black
    Weight (lb) 2.0
  • Do you have a CCTV installation job that you need to run both power and video cable? If so, this versatile time-saving cable will make quick work of your application. This 50 foot BNC to BNC video/power cable is 95% shielded, and is heavy duty with 22AWG-2. One end features a BNC connector and a power cable, the other end male connectors. Now you can send video and power with one cable!