Send color or b/w video as well as PTZ control signals with one UTP cable!
  • No Power Required
  • Supports Coaxial Control
  • Built-In Transient Protection

Transceiver - 1 Channel, Passive

  • Dimensions 3" x 1.5" x 1.1"
    Operating Temperature (F) -4° ~ 167°
    Product Color Black
    Weight (oz) 4.0
    BNC Video In 1
    Outputs UTP (screws)
  • The NV213A converts the video signal from a single CCTV camera into a format that can be transmitted over UTP. This unit will transmit video as well as coax PTZ control signals over the same UTP, eliminating the need to run a separate control cable. Some of the key advantages UTP has over a BNC is lower cost, less bulkiness and the ability to transmit over longer distances without suffering signal attenuation.

    Long Distance Transmission

    The maximum UTP cable distance supported depends on the type of UTP receiver used at the other end. When used with an active receiver, you can achieve transmission distances of up to 30 feet. With a passive receiver, signals can be transmitted up to 750 feet. The maximum UTP cable distance for coax control is 750 feet, regardless of the type of receiver or UTP cable in use.