Four alarm inputs and two alarm outputs are perfect for event triggered recording
  • Records D1 resolution @ 30 fps (on all four channels)
  • H.264 video compression
  • Built in GPS capabilities
  • Multiple sensor inputs for speed, ignition and more
  • This compact 4-channel DVR is only about an inch thick, but it delivers the performance you need for your mobile surveillance applications. The versatile unit can be installed under vehicle seats, below the radio compartment or in the trunk. The mobile digital video recorder has 4-channels and records 720 x 480 (D1) resolution at 30 frames per second — on all four video channels.

    The MDVR21SD features H.264 video compression to maximize recording and consume less space on the SD card*. The unit also records in AVI files, which makes video offloading and playback easy as well. This device features 4 alarm inputs, and two alarm outputs for event-triggered recording, such as bus doors opening or closing, activation of signal lights, increased speed, sirens and more.

    The DVR is equipped with a built-in GPS overlay for data, speed, and coordinate location, and a graphical, easy-to-use on screen display (OSD). This compact mobile DVR also features a tamper enclosure that locks over the top of it to prevent unwanted access to the device — for added security.

    Note: The Ethernet port on the front of the DVR is for local access only (not for remote viewing).

    * SD card is not included.

    Key Features

    Easy Offloading and Playback – DVR records in AVI format enabling easy offloading and playback—no conversion required. Simply pull out the SD card, put it back in an SD card reader and open up a Windows media file.

    Record in Separate or Composite Quad Recording Modes – Dual recording modes enable you to choose separate or composite recording to suit your application needs. In separate mode, the device will record a separate video file for each camera, so when you remove the SD card, you’ll have four separate video files (one for each channel). Composite quad recording mode allows you to have one video file with a quad view, which cuts your resolution by a fourth but enables your recording time to go up by 4 times.

    Configurable Video Recording Settings – Enable you to optimize video quality. You can individually select resolution, frame rate and various video quality settings for each of the four channels to optimize video quality and recording storage. For example, you can lower resolution and frame rate to get more recording time.

    What's Included
  • Mounting bracket
  • Connecting cables
  • Locking mounting bracket
  • GPS antenna
  • This mobile DVR comes with a 1 year warranty and free lifetime US-based technical support

Compact 4-Channel H.264 Mobile DVR with Built-in GPS



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